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Ballistic Shields melee weapon silly idea


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Ballistic Shields, like how the Grineer Shield Lancers operate. Blocks 100 percent of directional damage while blocking. One handed secondaries can be used while in melee mode with melee stance mod (block + primary fire) . Inspired by the Grineer Shield Lancers blocking, shield bashing, and pistol blasting.

Grineer Ballistic Shield likely same as used by the Shield Lancers. Likely all Impact damage. 

Tenno Ballistic Shield likely a medieval tower shield lookin deal. Something Oldschool and Big Shieldy. Maybe Impact+Puncture if spiked design. Maybe added special effect, chance of reflecting back projectile damage. 

Corpus Ballistic Shield likely some transparent energy shield. Maybe solid elemental damage, Electricity? Maybe added special effect, releases bursts of electricity when damaged. 


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39 minutes ago, (XB1)TheNotVirus said:

Melees like Silva & Aegis do the exact same function but with balanced blocking damage and don't have to crouch to use secondaries.  Also, not many people use the blocking feature.  And with just a shield and no melee, that's not all that exciting unless you can just smack grineer 50 meters away.

The increased damage resistance and special effects are to promote blocking, because the feature is unused by most. Good idea smacking Grineer down/far away, like they do with Tenno. And melee attacks would be bashes and smacks, like what the Shield Lancers do. 

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I definitely think having more shield + sword/axe/spear based weapons would be cool. Alternatively, if you want to be able to shield whilst also having your secondary weapon out, how about some sort of glaive/shield hybrid?

Blocking 100% of damage or even reflecting damage could be a weapon augment, like the ones you get from factions or grineer/corpus arenas. 


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You could make the shield absorb kinetic energy a la black panther, and when enemies melee and you block (or when you shield bash) the damage gets added.


Ad: a grineer version could have explosive counters like tank armor

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