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So... all the melee weapons now have generic finishers now... did you know the gunblades had an aim-able shot for their front finisher? It was pretty sweet...


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So yeah... that's gone.
Was hard to take advantage of with out using warfame ablities or the zakti (a tenno dart pistol that fires these darts that explode and open enemies up to finishers).
Any hope on getting the finishers with unique properties back into the game?


Just a slightly sad tenno,

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On 2018-10-12 at 9:33 PM, HEA-Devazone said:

is a bug in simulacrum,
it happen with every weapon i think.
the gunblade aim-down animation is from the ground finisher after you ragdoll  the enemy with normal attack

Not the ground finisher by the way. It's this one:

The shot you fire from this can be aimed with your mouse to hit distant enemies, but you have you use a finisher on an enemy that's facing you.

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