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Not just about the Chimera update !!!


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-  I think the only reason Sortie should exist because it have free booster chance with Riven, other wise this Arbitertration will hanle ENDO. As commonly furious when see your reward is ... 1x forma ? exilus ? orokin enhancer ?

-  As a tourist player I haven't use cash for the game, I would play it properly myself and I'm totally enjoy it before " The Sacrifice " update.  It's not about game making more stories but it's about the change like appearances : pannel items, shows ect also at the login screen was totally unnecessary.

-  Don't know what to say about these flaws but ENDO not suppose to be that easy to find, and so quite the Credit Arenas. No more fund in running around the map hunting treasures .....

Make game better guys and improve it, not unrequireble BAD NEW.

Really miss the view of the ship, the music, the planet, image of the conflicts and faction. That's more like the game.  Perhaps it showed that the game is now at facing Tenno's insight challenges, and the factions are stepping aside but whole view would be better than a warframe standing with a weird song....

- Back to Chimera, good idea but what is the thing with Heavy weapon can't stop CC while striking anymore ? I played infested survival and I have to say super anoying illogical. Even if heavy weapon can't stop CC only for the Arbiter Alert it still a terrible idea. Heavy weapon strike are slow because they ... HEAVY, that is the very reason when it striking it should immune to CC, but ofc some special CC like broken space glass are not include.

- Arbiter's drone can have buff from ancient healer ....  And what with the shaking screen a little bit when use melee combos ? Hell the melee can only be aim in direction you pointed but the angle is not changing except you in blocking position. I can't even use channeling when I use Clearving Whirlwind spin move. ( Which did not happen before Chimera update )

Prety sure DE, Admin GM not reading all of this so .... WHY is every games going on a same damn path ? They should play their own game with a little passion so they may know what's wrong.

( Go solo )

I'm played all the way to sortie without anyone's help, I don't watch....walkthrough. I'm just myself cracked clean passageway in all spy rescue, challenges in every sections and territory. Awesome fun

And you can do things without powerful warframe or weapons, even beat Shadow Stalker at  MRank 4 without such mod like blood rush or primed and wih melee only .... Find it out while you can because that's the real way to play, not join multiplayer let the dice decide, not slamming your face and run along like a f*cking marathon to prove who fastest and ignore all things around. Or afk and say FARM FARM FARM all the time.

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Real Stealth players is who no need invisible skills.
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