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LifeStrike / Excalibur / left click channeling not working properly after patch


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I jumped on my excalibur umbra to do some 50-60 ESO and noticed something different after the patch. the life strike mod is not working properly.. holding down my channeling (left click) and attacking monster ( E ) .. no life returned ... or sometimes it is working other times it is not.. very unreliable and i dont know what changed ... it worked fine the other day now totally messed up..

after further testing ... 

i noticed it breaks if .. lets say for example i press 5 ( to go into my operator to revive someone ) then i press 5 to return to excalibur frame.. i have to turn back on my skill but sometimes i press 4 twice.. cephilon will disable that skill ... thats when the leech breaks.. after this life strike stops working properly.

also noticed that even if cephilon does not disable the skill and lets say i die or someone revives me. it starts to have the issues where life strike does not work.. the first time i use exalted blade everything seems fine.. it only happens after a while when something happens .. like i die or it turns off because of energy or i go into operator ...

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and you can't modified if you use controller like me I'm being trying  since i update my game I have the same issue it can't be modified the settings because is always stick with the default not sure why they change the damn default settings for controller

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