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Shield drones immune to exalted weapons


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Was this really necessary? I started to just ignore the warframe bonus when it's Excalibur, Titania, etc. After a few waves almost every enemy group has a drone on them, sometimes even two. It's NOT fun having to put away my exalted weapon literally every 5 seconds just to shoot the drone, because they are immune to all warframe abilities.

This game mode should be just renamed to shoot the drone mode.

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Pretty much, and the drones tend to bug inside doors...

and not only exalted Weapons are affected, many frame skills are useless for example Atlas Landslide (a.k.a : 1 ) cant be used at all... i was trying to test the buff feature for the Frame + Weapon ( atlas + kronen ) but my fun last 2 minutes :V

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Really?   It's bad enough having Vomvalysts on POE that require:

  1. hopping out of Razorwing
  2. into squishy foot mode
  3. then into Operator to kill them
  4. then back to squishy foot mode
    1. Hope you got an energy orb if you use Energy Conversion or a status proc if you use Growing Power
  5. Back into Razorwing
  6. Recast abilities 4 times to bring yourself back up to full combat readiness.

This isn't as egregious, but what the hell?  Didn't they learn their lesson?

  1. Hop out of Razorwing
  2. into squishy foot mode, making you much more likely to be one-shot by a bad coin flip.
  3. Grab an energy orb, status proc
  4. Back into Razorwing
  5. Stack Blitz again.
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