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Did they nerf Nyx...?


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Something i noticed when playing is that casting chaos now cancels the previous cast's effect before reapplying it. Before if you use chaos on x units, head out of their range then use it again on y units, the first chaos would maintain its effect until the end of its duration. Now it resets. If you use chaos again out of range of enemies you're literally cleansing the ones affected.

Basically now you can only keep one instance of chaos going instead of being able to convert the whole map as you go (as long as you have the duration up).

The question here is why, was this necessary? Nyx is already a relatively underused frame, i've never seen anybody ask for this or complain about her, did you really need to add a pointless limitation into her kit?

I hope this is a bug. Don't wanna post this on feedback before making things clear. Could be happening just with me...

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5 minutes ago, BemoGuinness said:

You werent ever able to keep spamming it effecting the whole map. At one point you werent able to even recast if one of the first enemies effected were still alive. Nothing has changed its still working the same as it has been.

I don't know what you're talking about. Yes if you casted chaos on enemies that were already affected it wouldn't make a difference, they would keep the duration from the previous cast. Now the duration is reset from cancelling then reapplying the effect, which might seem good but in practice reduces the amount of enemies you can affect at once since you won't have them all in your range at the same time. Nyx is my most used frame, trust me when i say it didn't work like that before.

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No youre right. Enemies kept that instance of chaos on before this. Now chaosed enemies lose the chaos no matter where they are on the map and only enemies within range get chaos reapplied.

First the emotes are harder to use and now Chaos is nerfed! Worst update ever! 😧

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36 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

That’s not at all what’s I’m saying. I’m saying the we’re testing some rework stuff. And while submitting the different pieces for this update they accidently left the wrong code in for chaos.

There was another nerf.....Revenants a thing lol

Shes in need of some TLC by the devs. Along with Chroma and Vauban(that "tweek" wasnt a rework as DEReb stated lol) 

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