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New Gear Spiral Problem

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Ok, lets get this out of the way. I am already missing the old gear wheel.

Why? Cause the old one doesn't take the entire screen just to find the item you need and I also have quick access to emotes.


Not to mention the new gear spiral is game breaking for me since I can't hit the button [ Tab ] or can't change it on the keybindings, in other words I can't access my warframe dance emotes.

I always get rid of the tab button in any game I play if there is the option to change this key, cause most of the times leads to problems on my computer (when I click it, it gets me out of the game at random). No, I refuse to hit the button tab or find a solution on my end. The old gear wheel was fine, YES I understand this change was made for console players in mind and I am happy for them.

But us Pc Players don't need it (unless you play with a controller). I hope there is the slightest change to be added an option in the future to change to the old gear wheel. It was much simple and quick to use.

I also have to mention the new gear spiral it's really laggy / fps drops badly when scrolling on each consumable or use item you have added to it. At the moment I have to rely on hotkeys just to use items if I want to AVOID the LAG.


Please lets us get back the old Gear Wheel... It was simple, easy to use, quick shortcuts, fast and clean.

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Accessing emote wheel is a mess. As lefthanded I should drop mouse to do this. Also, those who play on Steam and have gear button assigned to Shift, will open Steam Overlay instead of emote wheel.

But what's worse is that new gear wheel autocrops empty slots. This breaks hotkeyd items order. Let us have empty slots pls.

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I play using mouse and keyboard and from my experience, i actually prefer the new wheel as i find it faster to select items than with the previous wheel, and I don't use emotes so it doesn't bother me.

However, i can understand what OP is saying. A possible solution is that the wheel could have a toggle in the menu to allow the emotes to be on the side of the screen, like in the old gear wheel, or not, like the new wheel.

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Personally I like the new one more than old one. Yes, it has some problems, but I think those will be fixed in time.

About the emote wheel being behind tab or right click is not an issue to me, because usually, when i use emotes, i am not middle of fast paced battle, so it doesn't need to be there, next to gear wheel in the first place. So at least for me Tab/Right  click is the best solution.

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13 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

Right-click also switches over to Emotes.


13 hours ago, Drasiel said:

You can swap to emote wheel by right clicking with your mouse. It's not shown which is a travesty but it works. 


5 hours ago, Ryuurik said:

So at least for me Tab/Right  click is the best solution.

I wish I knew about this sooner, thanks for the info of the right click. Still I wish we could have the option to have the old one back for those that want it.

I do use dance emotes in middle of battles to taunt enemies with my Limbo outside of the rift for laughs. Any way, thanks guys.

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