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Another problem with the Revenant Mini Quest


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So after I got all the Revenant parts in bounties I decided to build him. In order to da that I found out that you have to buy a special mask from Nakak, which I did. I then put the mask on and returned to the plains at night. The quest started just liek it should. After touching the creepy hand I was told to talk to Konzu. I know that you have to craft a Revenant part from here on to continue with the quest, which I did. But the quest does not continue when I go to the plains again at night.

With the Chimera update, the quest was added to the Codex so I looked it up and voila: The task to build a Revenant part remains, even after I claimed all parts one by one. So at the moment it seems like I'm stuck.

Considering that many people had complaints about this quest I really wonder why obtaining the blueprint is still such a pain. Why ot just let us buy the blueprint at Nakak after certain requirements are fulfilled? It'S really frustrating since you can only progress at Cetus night times. So I waited for it only to see that this stuff is bugged. This is VERY annoying.

Thx for any help

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