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Losing all Rewards when a Host Migration occurs during Elite Alerts.


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Hi, I don't really post often but as the Mainline update was pushed out I saw a tendency of people who died during the Elite Alerts and left because of that causing a host migration. As I've been trying to run these missions today only 2 out of 5 missions ended with no rewards and a host migration. Even if this isn't considered as a "bug" it is still quite annoying to experience as I've missed out on at least 15 essence now, I really hope there's a system that'll be pushed out soon to ensure that the players who stay receive their rewards at least. - since it's extremely unfair and also time consuming to watch all my effort go into the drain as if it were nothing.

Included Screenshots of an example of losing my rewards and whatnot here.


Example of Completed Mission and no Rewards.




As it says it's completed here.



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