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Paracesis V Eidolon



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After destroying the grind game for hours yesterday, forma-ing and re-forma-ing the Paracesis over and over and finally capping it at 40, I can say that even in regular combat (not against Sentients/Eidolons) it is a wonderful weapon to work with. There's nothing special it does that I know of, but it is powerful.


When fighting Sentients (Battlysts, Conculysts, etc) it will reset their damage. So say if you damage the Sentient with Radiation and it grows immune to it, a simple whack with the Paracesis will reset it, and it will no longer be immune.


As for Eidolons, I've only managed to deal Red damage when the Eidolon is downed (when it's calling for Vomvalysts to heal it), landing at a solid 5200-6000 damage.
So it's pretty effective, but if there's easier ways to hunt an Eidolon with it, I'm unaware of them.

EDIT : Having on Umbra's Sacrificial mods will boost damage against Sentients hardcore, making Paracesis even stronger. Definitely recommend equipping them both for the bonuses.


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