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So, we're allowed 3 mod selections per Warframe. It isn't enough. For instance, for Ivara I want individual presets for power strength, solo, utility, stealing and navigator.

I know the devs know we want this. But i've seen them say that the problem is storage capacity on their end (or something to similar effect).

OK, so how about we get an average of mod presets per warframe in the game.. But if i only play one kind of Frost, then i can delete the other two presets for him, and have 5 for Ivara?

So, for the sake of argument if you have 30 Warframes there is a maximum of 90 mod presets a player can have to use at their own discretion. Lets say a max of 10 per Frame to stop it getting silly.

How about that, DE?

Same can also go for primary, secondary, melee.


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