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cant log in


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Not logging in for me either. This might've happened due to the recent major update and/or follow-up hotfixes.

Error message: Login failed. Check your info.

Here were my attempted troubleshooting tests:

  • Checked login details, and Reset Password. Was not able to login after password reset.
  • Can log in to Warframe Forums (tested by logging out, then back in after password reset)
  • Can log in to Warframe app (Android) (tested by logging out, then back in after password reset)

Hope we can get some assistance with this soon.

EDIT: It might be more appropriate to include this in the megathread that has been set up for this update already.

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i was updationg my nvidia drive (nvidia geforce gtx 950 notebook) after the update i launched warframe it when well first no problem then i pressed play like i usualy do .done. after that it said "DirectX drive device creaion failed" so i downloaded directx 11 and 10 even tho i already have them running before then after installing them same problem so i installer the directx ex within warframe files same probelm the i when to support after some reading i opened the warframe launcher went in option pressed "verify" waited pressed "optimize" waited the i pressed play when i finished same problem so i got dessintalled the game and downlaoded it again from steam done then pressed plat after 2H same problem then got rid of the game again (after doing verify and optime again with no results) and downloaded it from warframe.com same problem even thought it said it installed DirectX when it was updating.

this problem accured before the new update and hotfix and even after they where here i still have the same problem 
today the game is in the last version and still running in to the same problem 
please help 
thank you
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