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NPCs typing on imaginary consoles


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Sadly need to add another one... Object on invisible table



Also Headless people (undead?) in Cetus:


If you come closer not as headless anymore:



Also im not sure but i think its not intented that the textures border is that visible on the blood ground texture in the water of the sea on the cetus beach:


and another example here:



@Digital Extremes Team: Is that even appriciated that i always report so many bugs with pictures and all in? I mean isnt that giving you more and more work then you already got? You must already hate seeing a topic posted by me in the feedback or bug sections since its either complaining or yet again a list of bugs like these i stumble across often. (Additionally, isnt there someone on DE in the forums or anywhere else i could just directly send a small list of bugs if i find them?)

Anything else i could add to this bug reports that would help out? (Now please dont tell me timestamps with timezone and date as well)

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