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Cross Platform (PS4, Xbox, and Switch)


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1 hour ago, (PS4)ZekeAsakura7 said:

Since cross platform is now a thing in news, I want to know if Warframe will be able to do it, too. If a lame game like Fortnite can do it, why not such a amazing game like Warframe can't?

Wow, I'm still amazed at how little people use the forum search function. There's been many a discussion on cross-play, with first and foremost it only being feasible between consoles. Second of all, that's Fortnite, one of the most popular PvP games right now, made by Epic Games. DE doesn't not have the same kind of clout Epic can throw around. Sony had everything to gain by allowing it for Fortnite, and very little if they give it to WF. Then comes the actual hassle of making the game actually be able to function with crossplay

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7 hours ago, (PS4)calvin_0 said:

Warframe doesnt need crossplay, but it does need cross platform access.. which fortnite is allow to do.. without cross platform access, what happen if DE isnt porting Warframe to next gen console? what happen if the players choose to switch platform?

That's a hit they'll have to take , though they don't have to care if you switch consoles, only if you stop playing.

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