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Game always crash on gate to POE from cetus after mainline update


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As the title stated, my game always crashed if i enter the plain of eidolon from cetus. Either i do free roam or with bounty mission. Strangely i can enter the plain just fine from star chart. But this are BIG problem for me because i hunt eidolon every night cycle. I must to enter the plain from cetus.

Here the crash note: WAR-2001707

My pc using window 10 - 64 so it should be not 32 bit problem here ( which after some search on google other have problem if their pc spec are win 32 bit version)

Please help me fix this 

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14 minutes ago, Dragnhit said:

Here the crash note: WAR-2001707

this i don't think will help here
but a lot of people have being complaining about that same problem,(just use the forum search bar, several threads talking about the same problem) and several others problems during the whole day
maybe we'll get another hotfix tomorrow but it's saturday so... probably only monday 

here's the main bug complain thread


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After some tinkering, turn out running the launcher in 64 bit have fix my issue. What i do to fix this crash are:

1. Uncheck run the program as an administrator on properties of Warframex64 ( i have run this program as an administrator because of past issue)

2. check 64bit box and uncheck bulk download on launcher setting -> verify -> optimize. In this step the launcher should automatically download another file.

Currently i'm testing out my game stability. So far (in one night cycle) i have running to cetus and the plain withouth anymore crash. Will report back after i test it more later.

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