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Vahd Cuirass dangling parts


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7 hours ago, Ezeliek said:

in my opinion the scarf have to go too. it clips with the umbra scarf.

I share this opinion, it clips with so many head options, though I would prefer that it be a toggle rather than gone for those that like it. I would also like to see the dangly bits as a waist toggle too.

The last update really changed a lot of parts too. I'd really like to see the waist sash brought back as an option as well.

I posted a before an after my operator in another vahd thread but I'll add it here too. As you can see the changes made recently have totally changed the look. (Note that only the chest is vahd here.). Neck scarf causes clippling issues with my fashionframe.




I wonder if people took clippling into account when changing this.

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I also hate the scarf. No problem with it being an option, though.

It's overly massive. It clips with everything and makes the operator's head look like it's floating in the air. Necks aren't that long.

Honestly, I just want the old Vahd cuirass back.

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