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Buzlok accuracy is reduced in U23.10


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Bozlok's accuracy is a lot lower in U23.10 than it was in U23.9. It used to have pinpoint accuracy.

However, this is not mentioned in any recent patch note. Either this is not intended, or an undocumented change.

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my buzlok is terribly inaccurate, even when using the tracker round, the tracker is inaccurate so i'm having a hard time even tagging enemies, and once i do tag them, the primary rounds still miss the target because they don't go directly to the tracker.

My daiku was also very inaccurate, i didn't think much of it earlier because i'm not much of a bow user, but i was having trouble hitting stationary targets.
And my friend's zenith was affected as well, it's supposed to have perfect accuracy for it's unique headshot action, but it's veering way off to the side.

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