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Revenant Quest Not Working (Cetus / Plains of eidolon)


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In the quest you have to obtain Observer with quill and talk to Nakaka i've done that bought the mask and all but when i go to the lake at night nothing happens and i can't equip the quest and all i can see i have to do is go to the lake but again nothing happens i don't know if it's a bug or i missed something but all the guides i've looked at don't have that problem

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I looked at the rules a little more closely cause i started panicking about it being done right and for now i think i have
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Same problem here:

started quest yesterday, bought the mask, equipped it, went to the planes and ... nothing

Other observations:

- yes, I am rank Observer with the Quills

- I tried also building all the Revenant parts in the hope that it will re-trigger the quest, but no change today

- walked full circle around Gara Toth lake 3 times already

- I am not 100% sure, but I think I didn't even get Nakak's first dialog after buying the mask (the one where she tells you to go out on the Planes at night with the mask)

- after equipping the mask in Orbiter, I went directly to the Planes (not through Cetus) in Private mode (no other players)


==> Is it possible that the bug was introduced with update 23.10 ?

==> Does anyone know if there is a way to re-trigger the Quest ?


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