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Archwing bug . Afterburner not working (Will this ever get fixed?)


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Not really sure where i should post this... Sorry for any mistakes

It's good that we have unlimited archwing uses now.But it kinda sucks that I or other players can't use it due to this annoying bug.

So it's simple.

I swaped the controls of crouch and roll/sprint with each other cause i can't bullet jump with ctrl

But when i do that archwing mode gets bugged and i can't speed up/use afterburner with space like everyone else.It simply won't work.There is no point on using it, if its slower than running and bullet jumping...

This bug existed before the update and i saw some older post about it from years ago and i was wondering if DE will ever fix it.Since you know with Railjack coming archwing will become more relevant  .

Not everyone play with the same keyboard configurations and i don't want to go back to the default setting every time i want to do an archwing mission or use it in plains of eidolon

I don't hate arch wing but if there's a reason that stops me from using it and investing more on it its this simple thing

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