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Ideas for a potential Nyx rework


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DE mentioned a possible Nyx rework sometime in the future, so I wanted to share my thoughts on her abilities and what should/ should not be changed. I'm throwing out as many ideas as I can here, not suggesting that all these buffs be added at the same time. The few places I mention damage percentages may be over/underpowered, but are there to try and communicate the approximate strength of that ability or change.


1: Mind control

  • This one is pretty good as-is, but could be buffed in one of a couple ways:
  1. Make the affected enemy do more damage. This is pretty much her augment, but I would suggest only about 100-150% bonus without the augment (damage could scale with power strength as well.) It needs to be enough that the target is relevant to the fight. If this still overshadows the augment too much, it could be changed to one of the other effects I suggest below.
  2. Make the affected enemy pull more aggro. This makes mind control a somewhat indirect survivability mod to soak up damage for your team. This would probably have to come with a buff to enemy health, armor, or shields so they don't die immediately (buff could scale with power strength). The affected enemy might need some AI changes as well, to stay close enough to Nyx to actually absorb the damage it's supposed to.
  3. Give Nyx more direct control over the target. It's nice to be able to re-cast mind control to cancel the effect, but maybe move that to a hold effect, and let tapping mind control tell the target to move to the position of the cursor, or target the enemy you're pointing at. With this approach, you could also let the ability target NPC allies, such as specters or the agents that help you on syndicate missions so players can use those units more strategically.
  • ...Or by adding synergies. For example, if the target is affected by chaos:
    1. Give the ability a small AoE knockdown. Since enemies affected by chaos tend to clump up, your new mind-controlled ally might just continue to get smacked by butchers and die, or get stuck in the crowd and be unable to path to where you want them to. This just gives them a little help getting on their feet.
    2. Give the target bonus damage at the beginning. Like a berserk mode for the first 25% of the duration. This buff should probably be respectively large, like 300-400% or so (scales with power strength) to allow for players to use Nyx aggressively. The downside to aggressive Nyx is she burns through her power much faster, having to keep chaos up and re-casting Mind control to get that buff at the start of the duration, and she would actually have to be built for power strength to be effective.
    3. Target casts a Chaos themselves, with a smaller radius and a duration based on the remaining duration of their effect. This just helps Nyx keep Chaos up on more enemies without modding so heavily for Chaos.


2:Psychic Bolts

  • This is the one most likely to be outright replaced, but there are a couple buffs that could make it useful:
  1. Make psychic bolts automatically target the weakest point of the enemy. So normally the head, but also weak points revealed by Banshee's sonar or Helios' Detect Vulnerability.
  2. Make psychic bolts do random elemental damage with a guaranteed proc. I know, this one sounds a little lame, but a number of elements have some form of cc and those are usually faster and more consistent than hoping a radiated enemy decides to target another enemy. this might also help new players learn what elements are strong against what enemies, and help players deal with enemies that resist the elements of their guns (prosecutors, sentients, shadow stalker.)
  • ...Or synergies
  1. When used on enemies affected by chaos, those enemies are "marked for death" by drawing more aggro from enemies affected by chaos. This way a chaos mosh pit won't end with the one tankiest enemy, say a bombard eximus, getting out unscathed because nobody attacked them. A brief stun or receiving bonus damage from enemies effected by Chaos could also be added.
  2. Let you throw them from non-augmented absorb. Because why not, you aren't doing anything. They could also force affected enemies to target/approach you.


3: Chaos

  • This one is my favorite as-is, and doesn't really need to be changed. Still, some possible tweaks:
  1. Enemies hit by multiple casts of Chaos will do more damage and become more aggressive as their minds get more and more muddled. The first cast acts normally, the second grants +8% damage and the Nyx hologram in front of them turns yellow. The third grants +20% and the hologram turns orange. The fourth grants +40%, the hologram turns red, and the enemy take DoT of 2% of their max hp/second. The damage bonuses can scale with power strength, but the DoT definitely should not. This suggestion isn't to say that everybody is expected to cast Chaos four times in a row now, but any stragglers from your previous castings get some bonus for surviving, but if the affected enemy is too strong they are force-killed by the DoT. Enemies effected by Chaos can still target Nyx and her allies too, so the damage bonus shouldn't be so high that it becomes a troll move. Enemies' threat levels could also increase as more stacks of Chaos accumulate.
  2. Enemies already under the effect of Chaos switch targets. Kinda boring, but might even out the damage distribution in groups of enemies.
  • There are also the synergies I mentioned with Mind Control and Psychic Bolts above.


4: Absorb

  • The problem with Absorb is your team usually kills the enemies immediately around you before you accumulate any damage, and once you do have damage there's nobody to hit with it. The best way to fix this is give Absorb some kind of ranged component.
  1. After absorb ends, throw a slow-moving projectile towards your cursor. Like, Nova's antimatter drop slow, but doesn't follow your cursor. I'd like it to be the large ball Nyx sits inside while using the ability, but a smaller ball could be added to her hands as she's channeling instead. The ball would no longer absorb damage, and instead of doing one large explosion, it would do a DoT to enemies near it based on absorbed damage, and have a duration based on how long Nyx was in Absorb (capped at a certain point, perhaps 10-15 seconds.) If Absorb's normal AoE explosion AND the projectile are too much, Nyx could choose to either cancel the ability normally (press 4) or throw it as the projectile (click mouse), so Nyx can choose to use it either offensively or defensively. The Assimilate augment would not work well with this change, equipping it would presumably replace the projectile.
  2. ALL enemies under the effect of Chaos switch their target to Nyx. This might force players to go all-or-nothing around Absorb: They would need to mod well enough to kill everyone when they release it, or just never use Absorb for fear of ending the ability and getting instantly killed, but it would help attract damage from ranged units and enemies to kill from melee units.
  3. Give Nyx some kind of teleport upon ending Absorb. After she ends the ability, Nyx teleports to where her cursor is, and without her the ball looses stability and explodes. Teleport range would be based on how long Nyx was in absorb, to keep the ability from being used exclusively as a clunky teleport. This change is thematically cool, but it fixes a problem that isn't there: Like I said before, Nyx usually ends Absorb with no enemies around instead of too many, so unless this change goes with the #2 one mentioned above, there is little point.
  • There is also the synergy I mentioned with psychic bolts.


Passive: Relinquish: "Enemies affected by any of Nyx's abilities have a chance to become Disarmed."

I didn't even know she had this until I checked the wiki to write this. Ok, this is pretty bad. Some options include:

  1. Enemies who attack Nyx have a chance to become disarmed. This is kinda like Frost's passive: it reduces the enemies' damage output at the time it actually matters: when they're after Nyx, unlike when you use Mind Control or Chaos and either don't mind or even want them to do good damage to their allies.
  2. Enemies affected by any of Nyx's abilities do/take more damage based on how many effects they are under. This would probably be a small bonus/effect, no more than 15%, or have diminishing returns the more effects the enemies are under, but could have some interesting synergies. This could just be elemental effects, but I'd rather it count debuffs from Warframe powers too. Nyx's chaos? More damage. Nekros' Terrify? Rhino's Roar? More damage. The "psychic bolts proc a random element" effect? Lots more damage. Probably too much damage. Enough damage that all of my other suggestions of +damage should probably be thrown out if you want this passive. It would give Nyx some interesting synergies with other Warframes though.


Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the stats of Nyx's abilities. (duration and range. I'm not sure about the damage of Psychic Bolts, as some of my suggested changes could make them significantly more powerful)  A number of my suggested changes add some component of power strength into the mix, not so much to make Nyx a primarily damage frame but to at least make her viable if modded for damage. Feel free to leave your thoughts below or suggest your own tweaks to what I have proposed. And good job making it to the end! I know, it was a long post, but I appreciate your dedication to Nyx.

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