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Damage evolving arcanes (suggestion)


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Since warframe has a really deep damage system that many players rely on in their builds
and it would be really traumatic for drastic changes to be done that would revolutionize and make
otherwise useless weapons playable again, it is quite a hard thing to do and it would upset the
majority of minmaxers and alike, so what i propose is damage evolving arcanes, what they do
is basically evolve the damage type further in order to make it more viable to run as a main damage type
these arcanes can be equiped on primary weapons just like a zaw arcanes.

the following is my suggestions for some of those arcanes and damage type mutations:-


Arcane crush


an arcane that applies [crush] to impact damage procs which would reduce the enemy base armor by +2 armor for each hit it functions similar to 
shattaring impact


Arcane hollow


an arcane that applies [hollow] which makes puncture proc bypass shields and the damage of the proc increases based on the armor and shields the enemy currently has [+20%*enemy shield +30%*enemy armor]


Arcane shrapnal


an arcane that applies [shrapnal] which explodes the enemy on death carrying 40% of the remaining damage of the slash proc to the surrounding enemies

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