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Something wrong with Warframe servers...


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I am not sure if i am the only one who experienced this but somehow i am unable to access Warframe with SEA region servers.

When the Chimera update comes in, i had no problem with the update. Until then when the update is finished and several hotfix update i am unable to access Warframe. The launcher keep saying Update failed, server is temporary unavailable. I restarted, verifying the caches, nothing works. I asked to my friends if they experienced the same, but they said "The game is fine, i had no problem with the launcher". I visited the forum and it looks like i am not the only one who experienced this bug, people are unable to get in to Warframe. Doing lots of method to fix it but nothing works.

Until i use VPN to change my connection to NA servers, and then i am able to access Warframe no problem. Which is makes me think. It's not update problem, but it's the Warframe server. As i enter the game with VPN, it was smooth until i join a public squad. The lags are just... horrifying. Someone did the same method and experienced the same as i do.

This bug is already happening since 6 - 8 hours ago, which is make me don't understand why DE didn't fix this problem right away. Or at least made an announcement. I have visited their twitter and there's nothing about this bug problem. It's really annoying, i wish DE fix this bug fast

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