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Can we have ability to change our daily reward weapon(just one time)?


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Im playing this game since poe came out and currently im at 173-4 day login i saw this daily reward system changed and you can choose your weapon at special login day i came back to warframe 1 month ago i couldnt calculate to choose my weapon at 100 

I just want to ask DE to let me change my 100day login only once 

I know its much to ask but i didnt know about this new system when i hit 100 day login(i think it was 6 months ago)

I dont know if any of the devs will make any changes but i have to try 

Tnx for your time 

And if anyone know a way to send this to DE please do

Sorry for bad english

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What? No, just accept the system as is.

We all had plenty of time to know the new system was incoming. Now matter when it finally dropped there was going to be a group of players that got caught at the wrong end of the implementation.  If some item was that important, a player could have easily halted playing until the new changes went into effect.  Personally, I think it is a whole better to think of this change not as getting screwed but as a chance to finally have some control on your reward choice.  Worst comes to worst, you will get the reward the same time everyone else did before the change.

Me, I am past the halfway point of everything.  I will probably just take the rewards as they were originally laid out because I am pretty much past the 'good' ones anyways.  So the change didn't really affect me.  However, I think it needed to be done or else DE just should have stopped adding new login rewards.  However, under the new system DE can keep adding new unique rewards have not behind a time wall of going on three years.

Just keep logging daily, and you will get there.  Then you will get whatever item you are after and probably find it wasn't as impressive as you thought.




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