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Extraction | Failure to extract players from mission


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Bug description:
Upon completion of a Defection mission the standard extraction happened, the screen went black after the orbiter flew away. A few seconds later, I loaded back into the mission standing at extraction with the orbiter gone. The timer is stopped, kills and loot aren't counted on the summary screen, and the summary screen is permanently displayed. Abort mission and disconnecting/reconnecting wifi did not resolve the issue. The game had to be force closed in order to leave the mission.

Expected result:
The extraction cutscene would lead to a loading screen and return me to the multiplayer menu / orbiter interior. Also expected was that forcing a network error would cause me to be sent back to my orbiter but that didn't work.

Excalibur Umbra was used, this may have caused the issue if I extracted in Operator mode (not sure if I did). Exalted blade has been known to cause extraction issues in the past, but I don't know if I had Exalted Blade active. Single occurrence for this particular scenario, I have also had similar issues when extracting using Titania and Ivara (also have exalted weapons). Typically happens on long-term modes such as Survival, Defection, or Excavation.

Video evidence:

Occurance dates:
- 09/21/2018 approximately 10:20 PM EDT

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