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Warframe in Smash (what if?)


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This is more of a "What If?" question I want to see how the community reacts.  With Warframe coming to Switch, and Nintendo's cross promotion pushes, what would it be like if Warframe was in Super Smash Bros?  What Warframes or characters would you think would work?  Maybe even a Clem assist?

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I could see some sort of warframe battle royal game of its own. Where they fight like smash bros. Only warframe I could see in smash bros is Umbra. 

The abilities would have to be different. Forth abilities would be their ultimate attacks. Some may require the third as ultimate(ex: Trinity). While the regular 3 would need a change for some.

Excalibur for example, his forward special would be his exalted dash. While his up special would would the same except upwards. Down special could be where he uses his exalted blade to deflect attacks. And then his ultimate is obviously he pulls out the blade and goes slicing and dicing. His regular special though could be where he slings an energy slash forward but only one at a time and can be charged to throw a bigger one. 

DE could try to make all 4 abilities in the game but it wouldn’t follow the rules of smash bros if they did. Some abilities could involve weapons. Like if rhino does a down special he could smash with a fragor. Just an example.

If warframe had a game of its own, I could see the characters being upgraded to prime(including Excalibur) and you have to complete missions and challenges to unlock each character. Umbra would probably be the final boss that you have to fight and the only way to unlock him is if you have all the others. And Umbra’s ultimate could be the same as Excalibur’s except he summons the Tenno as well. 

Would definitely be a game I play. As long as it is separated from the current warframe. Cause frame fighter is filled with bugs and glitches. Wouldn’t want that happening with any new version. 

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