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Aura - new sorting


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Using translator.


Interface: improved warframe.
Turn on sorting mods by power.

Previously, modes were sorted from the most sought-after energy to the energy-giving modes. Thus, scrolling through the list at the end, we saw improved auras. Now auras are between improved and not improved mods.

Question. How can I set up filters so that I can quickly find the improved auras of the school I need? Earlier, I chose the right school and scrolled to the end of the list. Now we have to either choose the school first and then search between improved and not improved modes, or go to the auras section and look for the modes of the desired school there.

Maybe I don `t know about some way to filter mods?
Are you satisfied with the current sorting?

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I quite dislike the current sorting as well.

Before to slot and aura I'd first tab into the relevant polarity and scroll to the end to select one since all auras would be sorted at the back, (sorted by drain)

Now they're all over the place whether I sort by school or sort by Aura.

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