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Is the new dagger skin just to make sales?


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It may just be coincidence, but, I notice a recent trend with new items in the market. When they added the Dax Nikana skin it had a price of 225p. Of course, they blamed it on an input error and how it wasn't supposed to be so high. Now we get two new skins that are again overpriced. A machete skin and a dual dagger skin both with a price of 100p. Keep in mind the last two skins we got were priced at 20p (Orvius) and 35p (Nikana) after the fix. This makes me believe that DE is trying to push new, higher prices for skins by slowly creeping up the cost of new content.


Aside from the new prices being quite high, I noticed something else a bit suspicious. Starting October 16th Twitch Prime members are getting the Fang Prime (dual daggers) for free. Now if you look at the price of platinum you'll see the lowest amount you can get is 75p for $4.99. For all those players who want a cool new skin for their new Fang Prime via Twitch Prime, they're going to head over to the market to buy some platinum. This is when you notice that the only way to get 100p is to go with the $9.99 option for 150p since it's the only way to get enough to buy the new dagger skin.


This makes me wonder if the new prices are just to make some platinum sales. With daggers and machetes being the worst weapons in the game, I doubt they added these skins because the community was begging for a dagger and machete skin.

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Just now, (PS4)AZN_RH said:

Are they making money tho? I mean no one really uses machetes or daggers in this game aside from covert lethality lol

Not now they don't, but remember that on the 16th there's going to be a ton of people who get Fang Prime for free.

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