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Arbitration mission modifiers do not work


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Hey, the arbitration mission modifiers do not work whatsoever, even as a host the buffs given to your weapons or frame have not had any effect.

I noticed this started happening after the last hotfix, before it the power strength has been working just fine.

Since the "meta" is to remove all power str from your frame and replacing it all with range/eff/duration/tankiness, to make up for the drone stuff and higher level of enemies, the mission modifiers not working are pretty bad. 

How to replicate? Enter any arbitration mission and check your abilities window, doesn't matter if youre host or client, the buffs are not active right now.

I hope this gets fixed asap so we can enjoy playing with 600% power strength mirages and rhinos again


I have tested this in over 30 missions and 4 rotations, I just am unable to receive the benefits of the mission to specific frames (I do not know if the weapon modifiers work, I assume they do not work either)

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Valkyr with a 265% normal PS giving 132.5% armor and speed buff.  Got the buff, gleefully announced it to my team.  Cast it... and it showed the exact same +133% it always does.  I mean... I'm sure they're going to nerf this at some point since giving Valkyr 565% ability strength would give her Warcry a 282.5% Armor and Melee Speed buff which combined with my Valkyr Prime's Umbral Set, Plus Armored Agility, Plus Gladiation Aegis gives I think 4,655 armor... which if I have somehow finally managed to get the calculations right, is just over 99% damage reduction.  Oh god what if there was a Day Equinox with with a Growing Power buff build in the squad?!

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