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Exiting Arbitration


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Once I exited the survival, the game glitched and i could no longer exit. I could not longer see any part of the HUD, not even my cross hairs. Once I was stuck moving around doing nothing for a good minute, I decided it was time to abort mission since i could not do anything. However I could not even abort mission anymore because according to the game I was already on my Orbiter. So I was forced to shut down the game by closing the window. I have no clue what caused it but ill say the general setting. Lua survival vs. Corpus team of 4 Octavia Rhino Loki and Inaros(me). We went 25min then Octavia was 1 shot. She left the game shortly after. Rhino died at 30min as we where heading to extraction left immediately. I started the extraction timer Loki arrived shortly after. Gave me the normal end screen. Then instead of being in my landing craft heading back to my orbiter, I was dropped from the sky box and put back on extraction. Enemies started shooting me and i had no HUD.

That is all that happened in that game we got 2 sculptures and 1600 endo as rewards. I doubt this helps but I thought I would just bring this rather bothersome bug/glitch to light. 

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