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Physique Aura mod disabled after update


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1 hour ago, razorr974 said:

Physique Aura mod does not work anymore on any warframe

Pretty sure I had (ever so slightly, buff when) increased Health in a mission earlier today thanks to someone else's Physique.

How are you determining it doesn't work? Did you check in a mission, the Simulacrum, or merely the Arsenal?

Because only actual missions are "trustworthy" - the Simulacrum is often wonky, and the Arsenal doesn't show Aura effects.

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You are right. It works in Simulacrum. I dont use Physique from some time until now when someone reported this to me. And i remember when i tested Physique Aura some time ago at the Arsenal and show me difference. I tested on Khora and on Simulacrum it show the effect, but in Arsenal not...

This topic can be closed/ignored.

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