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Pyra Syandana - The long gone unfixed


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Ah yes, THIS issue again.

Once upon a time, the Pyra Syandana's energy color was a perfect match, in effect and style, to the Silva & Aegis weapon and Ember Prime's mohawk helmet.

then, in early 2016, it was silently changed to this: Youtube link - Me toiling around in the Arsenal


As you can tell, when picking the darkest color in the SMOKE palette, Ember Prime's mohawk will effectively cease to exist, as will the flames on Silva & Aegis.

However, the energy effect on Pyra Syandana, and Pyra Sugatra, will ALWAYS be partially white - and WILL be amplied by HDR, Bloom and lens glare effects, easily becoming a blinding smear on your screen. It's only negated in the above video thanks to the brightly lit arena.


It's a visual discrepancy between cosmetics that doesn't need to be there, and effectively makes the Pyra Syandana a barely usable eyesore that requires reducing your graphics settings to overcome.

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