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Any tip on how to hunt/capture eidolons solo?


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Any amp is much better than the mote amp. Mote amp takes way too long if solo.

Although a wise move resource wise is to wait till rank 2 and build a shwak/pencha/juttni. A great amp for teralysts and you can claim two of that parts as free rank up rewards.

You can get to rank 2 quickly enough with just killing vombalysts.

Lanka is strongest, but any sniper rifle will do the job, but most need 4 to 5 forma. Vectis P and Rubico P need least. Build for criticals and radiation.

Frame, if you plan tridolon you need trinity (i find oberon cant heal on hydrolyst fast enough). If just planning teralyst/gantulyst, any frame will do. (But sometimes gantulyst can kill lures so keep an eye on them or bring a spare or two)

To help get the job done faster, Rhino roar or Volt shield are good choices. Using the Aura Dead Eye and exilus coaction drift also speed things up.

Gear; energy pads required and ammo pads may come in handy.


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16 hours ago, iman00700 said:


I never done eidolon hunt so i want to start farming them because i dont how to kill them or whats the rule of each frame  i want to do some solo runs

Any tip on how to that? 

Build a Lanka, seriously. A lot of people say any sniper will do the job, and while they certainly can, a radiation + crit build Lanka outranks every other weapon by miles (not counting rivens)

Also use frames that can either heal/protect the lures, like Trinity, Oberon, Gara, or frames that can buff your damage, like Rhino or Chroma.

A tip for when you play with a team: don't bring more than 2 lures at a time, they will slow you down when you try to charge up a specific lure only to have another one eat the charge instead. And, when the eidolon's shields are down, try to mark one of the limbs so everyone will focus fire instead of picking a random limb and wasting shots.

That's pretty much it, happy hunting

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17 hours ago, iman00700 said:

Any tip on how to that?

If at all possible try to do some public runs. You will learn a lot more by doing and seeing others play than going in blind or only armed with second hand information. 

This website has a good countdown to night in Cetus and the Plains, use it to be in Cetus just before night falls.  https://deathsnacks.com/wf/

Take the Teralyst bounty from Konzu until you are very comfortable doing the runs and want to try your luck with more than one. 


I would suggest taking a good Rhino build with duration and power, so you can survive more. 

Try to have Zenurik energising dash or energy pizzas, so you can replenish your iron skin and roar as needed. 

Yes any amp is better than the mote. To build those you will need to hunt vomvalysts and trade the cores in. Yes an amp built with the second tier parts is a better investment at first, but even 111 is better than mote. Level it as quickly as possible, then gild when available. 

Multiple forma Lanka built for crits, radiation, multishot, and zoom in when shooting the joints or head. 

When the doors open, look for a blue blur and mark it. If you don't see one use an archwing, and quickly go straight up so you can find Terry. Fly towards Terry if needed and mark the Eidolon so you can find him later. Next look for places with lights to find populated camps and there will be at least one lure nearby. Shoot the lure, and hack it (ciphers work). You will need 2 of them. Charge 1 by shooting some vomvalysts until they turn blue, if you see any nearby. If you can't find any go to Terry, they are attracted to him. 

Shoot Terry with the amp until his shields flash red. Then shoot one of the joints with your Lanka until it pops. Ignore the instructions to fall back and use void mode on the operator to avoid the energy waves. Repeat until all 4 joints are gone. Then shoot the vomvalysts that appear if you can until Terry gets up. Shoot him with the Lanka, a lot. If he screams and glows blue your Lanka will stop doing damage. Switch to operator. Kill all the vomvalysts that are linked to him and shoot him with your amp until he flashes red. Then switch back to the Lanka and shoot him some more. 

Collect all the bits that were dropped and head for the door. Trade them in for standing, you will also get brilliant shards to use for focus gains/unlocking. (41 = a million focus +1 shard to actually unlock the maxed waybound) 

When you get used to the pattern of the attacks you can try a Chroma or volt for the buffs. 


Good luck, Tenno. Let us know how you get along. 

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