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[Suggestion] Add Operator Presets to loadouts and focus school to presets


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While it's nice that we can now make presets for our operator appearances you currently have to be on your ship in order to swap which one you're using, and the presets only apply to the appearance and not the focus school.  It would be nice if the primary focus school could also be linked to the preset and then you had the option in your warframe loadout to select which preset you want to use (or switch it to something similar to how the archwing equipment is managed). I suspect that similar to me most players spend 95% of the normal game running Zenurik and the other 5% Madurai while eidolon hunting, which requires you leave cetus and go all the way back to your ship to change out your focus school for the 50 minute interval that you can hunt the eidolon and then switch back after you complete your runs, meaning you have to go through 4 loading screens before you can continue on murdering grineer.

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