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Chroma Rework


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I came up with a chroma Rework:

His 1 becomes Elemental transfer. It will switch your elements

His 2 stays the same

His 3 stays the same

His 4 becomes Spectral Roar. Chroma spreads his wings letting out a roar that Blinds enemies. It scales with Duration , Efficiency and Range.(20m-25m range)

His passive would be Scaled Skin. It gives 20% armour to all allies.

I think this would fix Chroma and give him a lot more survivability and utility.

I think it would be a little bit hard to build for this but you could get a more balanced build so you can get a little bit of everything.

If you suggest any changes please let them in the comments.


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I agree that Chroma should be able to change his elements in the mission but I don't think it needs to be an ability like that. It should be more like Ivara's Quiver. You press the button and you use the ability, you hold the button and you change the element (not only for the 1st ability but for the whole kit).

His 4th ability won't change like that. He will always have his Effigy, the only thing that can change is what the Effigy can do. It's a big part of his design.

Also his 4th ability would be Excalibur's 2nd ability. Which is not bad but kinda pointless for a 4th ability.

His passive would just boost already survivable Warframes. What's the point of giving Nyx, Nova etc. 20 % armour?

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