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Paracesis strange interactions


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Using the paracesis today, and I'm getting some STRANGE interactions with mods and stances.

In one instance, none of my mods were actually in effect. They were equipped, the stats showed that, but in the mission my numbers were way lower than they should have been.

It also thinks there is no stance mod equipped. 



Even stranger, if I remove blood rush, the crit chance goes UP.



And sometimes the first mod slot doesn't work at all. See here I have a +fire damage mod on, yet no fire damage is presented.



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Yeah this weapon is messy.


If i go to equip the last mod slot, the crit chance goes down to default. But if I unequip the crit chance mod, put in whatever mod makes you go over the typical rank 30 point, then reequip the crit chance mod, and things should calculate properly, at least on paper.



Actually, moving mods around now just... just causes all strange things to happen, it did register voltaic strike until I removed something else.It does not want to register the last mod at all.

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guys forma the weapon 5 times and then max it out. DE didn't put any cut-offs to it's above lvl 30 gimmic with forma. So the weapon is telling you you have the capacity of a rank 40 weapon and you mod to your heart's content. What it's not telling you is that rank 40 is only achievable after the 5th forma and every mod capacity past 30 you use (60 with potato) will start nuking mods. Get 5 forma in, max it and then everything will work just fine. I've done it and all my mods work just fine.

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