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Paracesis Elemental Damage Calculation Bug


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Hi, I've found some unusual behavior with combo elemental damage on the Paracesis. For reference, mine is rank 34 (polarized twice). 

-Combining two 60/60 mods seems to work correctly. 


-Combining a 60/60 with a plain 90% mod of the same element seems to work correctly as seen below:

-Combining two plain 90% mods give lower damage than the two previous combinations, despite the extra 30% / 60% elemental damage it should be having, as seen below:15d46ed7e0.png

-Interestingly, combining a max ranked 90% elemental mod with an unranked 60/60 or plain 90% gives higher damage than 2 max ranked, as seen below:

Thank you for your work 🙂

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