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[CLAN][INT][PC] Of Blade and Gun - Come Join us, progression within the clan and monthly giveaways! (18+ only)


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Welcome to Of Blade and Gun Tenno!
A clan that has been running for over a year with a strong emphasis on close bonds with our members and communication!
We are opening our doors once again to all members of Warframe; new or veterans.
Your involvement and participation within the clan and with our members will effect your rank within the clan, we don't want you to feel like you can't progress with us.
That is exactly what we want.
New Members will enjoy a spoiler free environment, while veterans have a channel specifically for spoilers.
Discord is a must! With channels ranging from fashion frame and build help. To Riven mods and knowledge base.
We do competitions too, with a high flare for the dramatic. Here's a trailer for one of our future events;
Here's some more specs for you guys;
  • 99.9% Research (Ignis Wraith missing)
  • Very active player base and discord
  • Fully decorated dojo including all labs and custom obstacle courses
  • Party play for farming, hunting, alerts, sorties and more
  • Experienced veteran players and founders
  • Monthly tournaments from Onslaught Hi-Scores to Fashion Frame Runways!
We do have a few rules we live by;
  • Communication is 100% required, even if it's just to say hi!
  • No spam or griefing (sexism, racism, intolerance etc.)
And that's it!
Once you've been approved, drop us your discord tag to recieve an invite and let us know why you wanna join!
Any questions? Feel free to ask me here!
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