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Sentients on Lua not spawning


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So... I recently finally got the War BP from our stalker friend. And realized I still need my second broken war to build it with. 

So, I decided to farm some Conculysts for the parts and found out, over the course of about a dozen runs of Plato, that the Oculysts were not showing up despite the standard Oculyst message.

In different attempts I tried killing faster, not killing, killing slowly while running around like mad through rooms in hopes they were just appearing father away. Nothing I did changed the outcome, my assumption is that there might be some sort of bug that is preventing the Oculysts from spawning.



I ran a total of somewhere between 30-40 runs of Plato by the end of the night and had 6 runs where the Oculysts showed up as normal and I was able to successfully trigger the Sentient spawn. I have been running with Nekros for Desecrate but have not tried a frame with large aoe like Saryn in attempts to trigger any Oculysts that might be clipped through or behind walls of the maps.

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Also having the same issue on all Lua maps. The animation (flashing blue, followed by Lotus dialogue) completes, but the Oculysts do not spawn.

  • Can consistently reproduce on Plato, Lua.
  • On 3 of my attempts, one or more of the Oculysts spawned, but were clipping through a wall. Attacking the visiable portions of the Oculyst spawned the Sentient fighters.
  • When Oculysts do spawn, they are frequently inside of walls or near the ceiling of the room. 
  • If the Sentient fighters are able to be spawned, then they behave normally. The Sentient fighters do not appear to be affected by this bug.
  • Standing still does not improve the spawn rates.
  • Quickly running into the next 2-3 tilesets does not improve spawn rates.
  • Sprinting into a large, high-ceiling, open room before the Oculysts spawn does seem to improve spawn rates.
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beside the fact that getting the damn parts from the conculysts (which is about only 1 in 4 of the spawning sentients and then have only  1% chance to drop the actual BP), i think this might not be bug, but a bad spawning of the occulysts, which have to "see" or "feel" you (by getting shot at from you) to trigger the other sentients.

so, i had (when i still tried to get the damn parts myself) those cases too where there seemed to occulysts spawning even though i got the screen flashes and the warning from lotus. but after several of such occasions, started to noticed that sometimes the occulysts spawn either very far away from you and seems to leave after some time, having enough enemies killed for their fun, and never got to see/feel you at all and therefore never called their backup-buddies. this, i noticed while being invisible with ivara and on the way to pickpocked the buggers first before engaging them (for double the chances of wanted loot) and after encoutered them after quite a while in the map already (they also might have flown a bit to eagerly away from me and/or i was a bit to slow catching up with them) - anyway, the gone skywards just before i could borrow their stuff...

on an other run i also witnessed the buggers being stuck half in the floor, and maybe that's another reason for this problem -  they spawned outside any possible reach for the player so they never can spot you or can get shot at. what actually speaks for that, is yet another maybe related case of me, ivara again, using the ignis and firing happily through the walls, still in search for the occulysts (also that was in the time before we got those little blue markers for them on the map)... so while being in a big hallway, and wondering where the heck those guys are and still pushing the triggerbutton of the ignis while looking around (and therefore firing through walls, floors and roofs around me) i suddenly triggered the "they spotted you" event, thus getting me the sentients at last. ofc, i wondered what i did to get spotted and the only viable reason i found was that i somehow hitted them at a place where no normal way to them was available (aka: stucked in the wall/floor/roof). since we know this spawn behaviour from many other map-segments too, it might be this what's happening - and the way the sentients do spawn (the occulysts and the other two backup-buddies too), might "help" in them getting stucked somewhere.

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FWIW I did have them spawn for me last night doing the crossfire node solo last night. When I got the notification they were around, I barged ahead ignoring other enemies until I saw them and let the oculysts scan me. This is the first Lua mission I've run in a while, but maybe that helps people that are having issues and need to encounter them.

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I've done almost all of my farming on Plato.

I think it has to do with the way that enemy spawning works; some start tiles if you stay still it will always work, others it will almost always fail.  I've had the best luck with ensuring that the nearest enemy is between 100-200m from me.  Sometimes when I spawn into a tile that doesn't work well (e.g., the one that spawns you in the middle of the level instead of the usual starting outside and coming in) I'll go through a few tiles and see if I could get it to work, but it's faster to just restart.

The drop rate on this (given low spawn on conculysts) is pretty terrible for needing two.  I'm halfway there but this grind is kind of mind numbing.

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