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Randmonly dead in Elite Alearts


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I just randomly die sometimes with no enemy around or nowhere near that the enemys are able to one shot me:


Nidus 1100 lives --> I die (passive activates but still WTF?)

Octavia 600 lives --> I die (just bullet jumping around with no enemys)

Valkitty 940 lives and a ton of armor --> I die just running around


Is this a bug? It happend a lot of times already. It is really frustating and sucks out the fun... have some people the same problem? 

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Yes. Full health, full shields, suddenly dead from nothing. Check your ee.log file, you will most likely see something that says you took 1 point of damage while having full health.

There is some bug where that 1 damage point isn't being calculated correctly and is instead instantly killing people.


This is what a normal death should look like;

took 20 damage at 20 health from a TROOPER using a Shotgun


took 133 damage at 94 health from a NAPALM using a NapalmLauncher

Instead, the abnormal death will look like this, which happens in Arbitrations:

took 1 damage at 740 health from a NULLIFIER CREWMAN using a SniperRifle


Because of this, I honestly don't think Arbitrations are ready for main stream. This is one heck of a bug.

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