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Arbitrations should be endless , but not in that way.


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i mean , arbitrations should be harder , you shouldn't have the option to leave as soon as a "good" reward comes, it should be like the last man on feet , when you go to an arbitration you or your squad must stay until everyone is dead and the mission finishes , leaving at 1st C rotation gives no challenge at all , and warframe players ( Dracoborn and Hydronborn mostly) can't stay more than a C rotation , so give arbitrations a real challenge and make them harder in that way. 

Personally i find arbitrations easy the first 3 rotations , so why dont make them like "you can't leave , stay as long as you can without having the leave option"


Sorry for my sh*** english 😞

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Why would I play in pugs ever again if you want to force me to stay until you feel like it or die? 

Who would join knowing you may be forced to be in there two or three hours?!?! Or lose rewards if you have to leave. 

Nah, stupid group evac for survival already sucks, your suggestion is even worse. 


Say no to forcing other people to play your way. Go recruit. 

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