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Updated Failed (P.S. Tried everything but none works except VPN)


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I'm just glad I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. Update failed for me and I have done all the necessary fix. But nothing works. The only thing that works right now for me is using a free vpn, which has a data limit. Now last night, I did try logging into warframe without VPN and it works but then, this morning, this message on the launcher keeps popping up again. Also, contacted my ISP and they said that network is working fine. Please help. I don't know what to do anymore. P.S. I also tried reinstalling the game and it doesn't work too.

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2 minutes ago, xKoobo said:


I also had the problem, that i fixed. Thats why i created a guide, wich you probaly found.

If you dont saw it here is it [Fix]. I can't say 100% that it will work, but we will see.

Greetings, xKoobo


I also done that. But it doesn't work for me.

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This sounds exactly like the problem I had a few weeks ago. I know there's a few posts on the forums addressing fixes that you've probably already tried, but I'll go ahead and post what worked for me in case you haven't come across it (I can't find the original post I found the fix in, super sorry to the person who found this fix first!).

Go to the game files in file explorer, there are two files you need to change permissions on in the Warframe folder: "Warframe.exe" and Warframe.x64.exe". Go to the properties for each file, and under compatibility there should be an option to "Run as Administrator". Make sure the box is checked and apply. After you've done that for those two files go into the "Tools" folder and do the exact same for "Launcher.exe". 

Then open the launcher and it should update. Note that I had also unchecked the same two download settings in the launcher as referenced in xKoobo's guide, so doing that may or may not make a difference for this fix, I'd leave them unchecked just in case.

I hope this helps, and if not I hope you figure out a fix soon! 

P.S. Just thought that maybe in case this is a problem with your IP Address, you could try changing it on your computer and see if that works.

Edited by Mara_Nox
Thought of a possible other fix that could work so I wanted to include it.
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Had the happened to me after 3-4 years of playing Warframe without any issues, tried guides that didn't worked.

Ended up deleting and re-installing. Wish I had done that first, since it took me longer to try all the fixes than re-downloading the whole game, not for everyone, but sometimes needs to be considered. 

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