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Fissure missions enemies spawning in walls from the fissure.


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So for 4 fissure missions (2 after a clean reinstall of the game) I've had the enemies that spawn from the fissures spawn deep inside walls not allowing me to fill up to 10 reactants to get my reward this happened on survivals and on exterminate missions. I understand DE is trying to make the game a tad more difficult but making it so you cant actually complete a mission is not difficult just annoying.
As shown in the picture enemies are spawning in ceilings and walls the few reactant i had was from the lucky enemies that were just close enough to be turned over.

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It's really annoying indeed just failed fissure rescue today because of nullfier with his filfthy bubble on almost whole room with broken windows so there was a lockdown + bursa and a lot of other annoying enemies and I couldnt even kill him for some reason (usually some aoe skills worked but no this time) and target died in the meantime of this mess. It's been long time since I got so triggered and pissed. Please DE fix this. 

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