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Unable to Choose Stay/Extract on Endless Missions


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I'm playing the Steam version of Warframe with an Xbox One controller along with a keyboard & mouse.

Whenever I play an endless mission (e.g: Defense on Ur, Uranus or Taranis, Void), I can't choose whether to stay or extract & I have to abort the mission.  Neither the controller nor the keyboard & mouse allow me to choose the Stay/Extract option.  I'm always forced to fail this type of mission because I wind up being left alone & then I have to abort the mission.  I don't have this problem in non-endless missions.  I posted a screenshot below.  Anyone else experience this problem?




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Am I the only poor unfortunate Tenno that is having this problem?

Please do reply if you're also having this problem or had it in the past.

This problem is keeping me from finishing the star chart & gaining access to the Arbitrations.

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