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Starting to Get Interested in the Lore


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So I finally decided to "kill" Chroma at MR9.

As the title suggests, I am kinda new to this game.  I know I can watch YouTubes with the full cut-scenes and what-not (obviously stopping when it gets to something I don't want spoiled), but I am having a little trouble finding what I would like to just now absorb experience-wise. 

Before I go through and replay missions (solo... so that no one will skip the scenes and) just to catch the messages tossed around while fighting during story mode (probably not strong enough/knowledgeable enough/experienced enough about my frames to ignore the fighting and pay attention to said messages and complete the mission on my own), is there a write-up/script/YT-er that covers this already?  I ASSUME I can find vid-throughs of the missions that don't skip dialogues and pre-boss fight scenes/post-boss chatter... but I'm asking about a source that has covered this before I dig any further.

Yes... I realize that this might make me sound lazy since i'm looking for something beyond a general summary.  Time is money.  It never hurts to ask. 

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