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Operator PVP arena


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  1. Conclave isn't popular.
  2. Even if it was, it would be hard to balance with warframes and mods.
  3. Operators have no greater purpose currently, aparts from hunting eidolons and story.
  4. Operators are easier to balance (maybe?) because they are less modular.
  5. Challenging endgame PVP.
  6. If you don't like it, you can simply ignore it.


  1. There would be some sort of arena map.
  2. Operators would have special arena armor.
  3. This armor could be crafted to increase mobility (speed, jump height etc.), in a zaw-like manner.
  4. Alternatively just give operators arena mods and let them keep their current cosmetic armor.
  5. Operators can use amps or blunt / non-lethal arena weapons like quarterstaffs.
  6. What primary focus school you have determines what abilites you get to use.
  7. Alternatively, add a new pvp focus school that determines abilities and just have the old ones give you some sort of minor passive.
  8. Free-for-all or team based combat.


  1. Unique rewards
  2. Unique cosmetics
  3. Ship decorations

What do you think? 

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Operators can instantly become invisible and invincible by crouching and then instantly dash in any direction. That's gonna be one hell of a fight. If you suggest removing it then you're left with an average run speed kid who can barely jump. That doesn't sound very fun =/.

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I haven't played absolver. Obviously some skills and mechanics would have to be disabled/rebalanced. It's just like boxing, even though humans are capable of kicking and wrestling, those things aren't allowed for the sake of the sport. That's why I suggested addding special armor and a special focus school so you can get mobility without invisibility wars.

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