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[Feedback] First Thoughts on Arbitration from a solo player's perspective


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I'll start by saying that I like the game mode. It like a lot of the other game modes have a lot of potential and with a couple of tweaks could make this really fun game mode for people that completed the star chart. It is one of the few game modes where you encounter high-level enemies from the get-go. Keep in mind that my feedback is based on a solo player's perspective as opposed to a group player perspective.

    > Sporadic Spawns: This was a consistent problem that I faced while doing all the missions. I have noticed that sometimes the enemies do spawn but they just hang around in their spawn areas unalerted. A huge problem in survival and excavation missions where mission success hinges on the enemies i.e. life support and power cells.

    > Arbiter Drone: I like the idea behind the drone but it has a couple of problems. It gets buffs from the enemies which are a complete no no in my books. The buff I would like to bring to attention is ancient healer's 90% DR.
    Another thing I do not like is how the drone works. It just give straight 100% DR which just makes the mission plain tedious instead of fun. Instead why not make the drone gives a random buff/debuff combo to the enemies that is decided when the mission starts like say enemies affected by drone take 60% less slash damage but take 25% more toxin damage and 10% more damage if the damage type has toxin in it i.e. viral, gas, corrosive. This encourages the player to mod their weapons to combat different situations the drone might put them through making the missions themselves a bit more dynamic.
    Another thing that worries me is how the drone scales? I honestly think that it should not scale with the other enemies because it gives too much power to other enemies that making it a bullet sponge is a bit much. But if that is the route that DE wants to take then please give it a weakness that debuffs or kills it.
     > Reward Cycle: While I don't have an issue with the rewards I don't like how long it takes to complete a single rotation. A ayatan is not a good enough to justify doing 10 waves of defence or 3 mins of excavation (usually ends up taking more time because power cell carrier doesn't spawn as often) IMO. I was thinking of keeping the duration between the rewards same but have 2 drops from the A and B rotation then alternate between AC and BC for the rest. This is com

    > Alert Buffs: The buffs I've seen so far is just increased power str and weapon damage. I would like to see this expanded as currently, it is pretty much a noob trap (I know this from experience :P). Perhaps the chosen frame gets DR instead of power str bonus and instead of a single weapon boon make it a class of weapons that gets a boon and the like.

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