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Mask of the Revenant miniquest not working



I've bought the mask of the lost one from Nakak and I've equipped it on my operator. I've already built both the revenant chassis and systems in my foundry but I've only claimed the chassis so far. While the mask of the lost one is equipped on my operator, I go into the plains at night but nothing triggers. In two different walkthrough videos the second the player enters the plains Nakak pops up a chat dialogue with them, but when I enter the plains no chat with her pops up. There's also no "grey" area on my map of the plains and there's nothing to find at the big lake where it's supposed to be. Also when I go to Escape - Quests it won't let me click on the mask of the revenant quest, it's just there and "fuzzed out" as if I can't do it. I'm rank 4 with the quills, Instrument, and I've talked to Nakak about the quest(dialogue option when talking to her) so I have all the requirements but for some unknown reason this quest just won't start, can anyone help me?


EDIT: Sorry about the double post btw, I got some error message when I clicked the post question button and for some reason it double posted this.

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