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Improvements for Mirage


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I was actually saying for quite a while, how Mirage is very similar, yet under-powered compare to Chroma.

Now Chroma is somewhat nerfed, but Mirage alas still quite not at level with Chroma.

The main reason is - Chroma fairly easily can be both very tanky and having very high weapon damage. Mirage can do only one of those things.

And i personally don't mind much fact of that. But main problem is that she can't really even chose where she want/need to be more tanky, or more damaging. Sometimes where is just way to many light around, with no shadows, when you really need that extra tanking. Sometimes there is all but darkness around you, when you really want that extra DPS.


To Adjust that, i suggest altering her last ability, to help her get what she wants.

Instead of slowly moving and bouncing projectile, makes globe hover above her head all the time. And additionally to that, just like with Ivara's skill, make it so by holding #4 key you can chose in between modes for the globe.

First mode should be very similar to how ability works right now. Simply firing lasers all around while rotating. But same time providing constant illumination all around Mirage. Ensuring that she will always get "light" buff with her #3 ability.

Second mode should instead make globe emit darkness all around Mirage, ensuring that she will constantly gets "shadow" buff from her #3 ability. Additionally debuffing enemies who get caught in darkness, reducing (slightly) damage they do. Possibly helping not only herself, but also allies.


And if light and darkness AoE from two Mirages overlaps. Overlapped area should provide normal illumination for that particular zone.

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