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I'd like to talk about Interception waves, and Reactant drop rates.


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This is actually a two-part feedback spurred by my experience on Cytherean, Venus; I'm trying to farm up ducats for the Paracesis while I wait for night to fall on Cetus and for my vanilla Galatine to finish building. I encountered two things that made that...not even really frustrating. Just kind of "Something's not right here." Also, terribly boring. I'd like to note that this is not a fluke; I've replicated these general results several times.

First, the waves of enemies were far, far too small to get reactant, have anything resembling a challenge, or even have fun. I left the mission after finishing the second wave with exactly 68 total kills, and that's with the Lotus claiming that I wiped the whole wave out. The waves are usually pretty sparse, but this is just excessive. The problem is exacerbated by enemies spawning into the ceiling of their spawn rooms, preventing them from even really entering the playing field. Some of the enemies aren't even trying to approach the objective, either, just standing there in some random place.

Second, the Reactant drop rate is terrible if the waves are small enough - it actually drops a fair percentage of the time, maybe 10%-15% going by my results of 9r/68e, so there should theoretically be at least  enemies per wave to provide a good chance of success. But if there isn't...well, I've never thought the Reactant drop system was a good idea, and this is why - it's easy to end up having to hold off on actually working the mission because the drop rate is insufficient. This is particularly noticeable, of course, on Interception missions, where I often have to literally leave towers either neutral or in enemy hands while I gather Reactant, because there's not enough enemies for the 10% drop rate to make sense, and the drop rate doesn't scale to wave size or consider mission progress vs reactant gathered, or any other adjustment method to resolve the issue of low enemy numbers. Literally have to stop actually playing the mission to let enemies spawn in great enough numbers. My run with 68 kills? That got me 9 Reactant total, between both rounds - 4 for the first, 5 for the second. Almost enough to open one Relic, between both waves. Naturally, in missions where the enemies actually bother to show up, this isn't a problem - but these enemies failed to show up. Or got stuck in ceilings.

I suggest increasing both the wave sizes and enemy aggression toward the objectives, and also either increasing the drop rate, implementing low-enemy-number-compensation systems (like raising the odds the further the mission had progressed), or giving Endless missions a special case for Relic opening - every 5 minutes in Survival, every wave of Interception, every 5 waves of Defense, open a Relic. I would recommend ditching the Reactant system entirely, honestly, and am uncertain why it was adopted in the first place, given that it's had this drop rate issue as long as I can recall (always camouflaged by sufficient numbers of enemies) but I suppose they have their reasons.

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