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Equip a Tenno cosmetic without even purchased or equipped (bug)


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Well, this is pretty weird. I usually when I don't have anything to do, I start to customize my tenno (and other stuff).

But when I start to equip myself with different facial cosmetics to my tenno, I realized that by trying to equip something (like a earpiece) pretty damn fast, and pressing the "Esc" button, suddenly I have an item equipped, even if I didn't selected the "Equip" button.

However, this also happens with the other cosmetics that I never bought (like that Umbra Band or something else). This need to be fixed quickly!

Here is a screenshot: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BxqzdpAhele9QBYVb-Al4bchudKtJbIY

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Just now, krc473 said:

Does it persist after leaving that screen though? As in, if you go into a mission can you see it?

I tried now, no, it doesn't, but you can equip the item while you are in the Tenno mode in the ship, if you re-enter to your warframe, it dissapears.

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